Static Web Designing A rigid way to design a Webpage

static website designing gurgaon
15Jun, 2019

Static Web Designing Gurgaon.A website has become an integral part of the business in today’s world. It is the most important tool, which promotes business on the global level. Web design means to create and update on a website. It also involves user interface, website layout, website structure, fonts, contrasts, imagery, and much more things. Static Web Designing has several benefits and quickly uploads on every slow internet connection, reaching the widest audience on the internet.

Websites are created by a combination of all these elements. Before the commencement of the technology, the business organizations followed the conventional methods of promotion. In this age of information technology, that conventional methods of promotional activities have become obsolete.

Web design

It has become mandatory to have a valuable website to take the business to a great level. A website is an online platform where a large number of the population do marketing. Website is basically a virtual store which helps in promoting your business. It basically helps in improving the visibility of the business among the visitors.

The main objective of the website is to make a brand value of products and services in a market. In a simple word, we can say that it is a tool of business promotion. Website design is just the visual aspect of the web.

The designing includes more elements like user usability, logic, navigation and many other things which would help in finding beneficial information faster on the website. Web design also aims to simplify the usage so that everyone can use it easily.

Static web design

Static web designing is a collection of web pages in a sequence manner just like a brochure. All the programming part is in HTML format and saved on a server, external hard drive. This website design contains simple graphics design and text on the web pages that are linked with each other.

If you want to modify or add anything to the website then you will have to open the HTML code and make changed over there. Visitors really want a great experience with websites like quick browsing, smooth navigation, and easy-to-download material on the website.

The static website attracts most businesses because, at such a reasonable price, they are able to make huge profits and progresses in a market. Its price is lower than other website designs.  While designing static web pages, one of the important things is the load power of the web page in a search engine.

Static web designs with relevant photo content are highly optimized for speed and don’t require special calculations by web servers, especially by those viewing the static web page.

Once you have enough earning you can switch to other more advanced designs that will standardize your website or business because there will be less or no need to stick to static site design.

Some benefits of Static Web Design

  • Web design is easy and quick to develop a website.
  • Static design is cheaper to develop than any other.
  • The static web is easier to host.
  • Static website design is ideal for small websites.
  • It is easier for search engines crawler to index the website.
  • It is faster to transfer on slow connections.

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