Web Development

Web Development

Development of the web is part of website backend development and Web Development Company in Delhi NCR is one of the Most important competitive places. As we can make user side editable content option through development. In this part, we make the dashboard and other useful options for users. It is website server-side work where web designing works on the client end. Normal internet users cant’ see the backend development code of any website. So backend code is more secure as compare frontend code. All we need server site also for running backend code like MySql is using for PHP and SQL Server is using for ASP.NET and Java using Oracle server etc.
We at Zeacreations. Master the art of developing a website which includes every task from conceptualization to coding, designing to content development taking care of even the minor details of the client’s specification. Total website developed by us has inherent qualities like Accessibility, Compatibility, Usability, readability, and Navigability apart from making measures for network security. We also do the scripting of the website in JavaScript, PHP or CSS and also All the latest technologies like ASP, PHP, Net and JAVA are used to create the server side coding.
Web Development Company in Delhi NCR

Website Maintenance, Technical Help & Support

These days were done when Web Development Company in Delhi NCR was a one-time task. Today, the need of the hour in continuous maintenance of your website. Reasons being, with changing the trend in market and economy, businesses need to update their websites from time to time so that does not become obsolete. The new addition of product and services, Changes in website content to maintain pace with the market, informing about the recent development in company’s management etc are required to be performed at regular interval so that your website does not become obsolete, it also helps in maintain page ranks on search engines as a result.

So, leave all these worries on us and focus on your core competencies. We at Zeacreations offer website Maintenance Services, Technical help of any kind and support to our client at one call.

Web Development Company in Delhi NCR loosely refers to the tasks related to developing websites for hosting via the computer network or net. Method of development includes the style of the web, development of web page, among other tasks. Development of web is additionally referred to as web site development.

That is the coding or programming that allows web site practicality, per the owner’s needs. It in the main deals with the non-design facet of building websites, which incorporates coding and writing markup.  Also the ranges from making plain text pages to complicated web-based applications, applications of social networks and applications of electronic business.

The web development according to this

  • The coding of the client’s side
  • Coding side of Server
  • Technology of database
  • Web apps developed with the language of programming like CSS and HTML, which IT professionals know.
  • Unlike other apps, a single web app is able to reach out to all devices. It’s programmed to run on any operational. It must adapt to, Android or IOS with other operating systems.
  • The devices have their own web browser own and the apps will run through a simple URL.
  • It doesn’t require installing the android app from app stores like Google Play or IOS Store. It transfers into money and time saving because it has a direct link through a web app is free.
Some common Languages using in Web Development.


It stands for Hypertext Markup Protocols and Personal Home Page. That is a server-side scripting language. PHP using MySQL for server data. It is using the extension. Also, it helps for saving the web pages in PHP mode. Facebook first time develop in PHP. PHP has many frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Cake etc.


Net is the one type of framework using with C# and ASP. ASP stands for Active Server Page. Asp.Net is more secure and reliable as compare PHP that’s the reason Government company is using ASP.NET for Web Development work. ASP. Net use SQL server for server side. SQL has the security of Microsoft.


In the IT word JAVA always on top if we check History of IT sector or if we assume the future of IT Sector. More flexible functional software is possible easily by Java. Java development has no limit. Java is a little bit complex as comparing PHP and ASP.NET but Java provides secure and more reliable developing features. JAVA use ORACLE for software and Web Development.

Web Development Company in Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR is a very competitive area for website designing and Development there are various options here for clients. Many options make many confusion for client Which is best for Web Development in Delhi NCR.

We are one of the best reliable options for Web Development. It is a stable web development Company In Delhi NCR. There are one another branch also running of Zeacreations that’s name is Zeabros.

Some reason why Zeacreations is best Web Development Company in Delhi NCR region.
  • Zeacreations have expertise developer’s team. All team members have expertise in the various area.
  • Our company has delivered more than 50+ Big projects.
  • Old Customer and running Clients both are equally important for team Zeacreations.
  • Team Zeacreations is aware of the latest technologies and trends.
  • Zeacreations also use latest technology and frameworks in Development.
  • Team Zeacreations also working in Mobile app Development field also we can make Mobile apps according to your website.
  • You can get all type Developers under the One Roof. No matter you want the website in PHP or Angular or another technology.
  • 24X7 customer support also provides by our Team.
  • We provide hosting space and SSL purchasing options also.
  • Our developers make SEO friendly Development it’s help for website easily in Google Search Result.

Our Services

Web Design
We do give altered website design services to our clients in India and Abroad. We are into design and development of Static, Dynamic, Wordpress, Joomla and E-commerce websites.
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Web Development
Web based application development is one of our core competencies. We customize application development according to customer requirement.
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Corporate Branding
Corporate branding services incorporates Logo Design, Brochure Design, Business Card Design. It incorporates everything that you need to initially assemble your image in the market.
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Search Engine Optimization is one of the major aspects of any business, who is promoting their brand online. We offer altered services for SEO, Social Media Management, and Publishing.
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CMS & CRM Applications
CRM Application is a complete solution for your business. The customer relationship management system is developed to sustain customer records at a central place and very much required for every business.
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This is the time of E-Commerce. In this emerging Digital Market, customers are more comfortable with buying online and every business related to product selling requires an E-Commerce website.
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Mobile Apps
ZeaCreations is a team of highly experienced Android Development Delhi NCR who are good in building Android apps. We have been developing quality robust and scalable apps for our customers at very affordable prices. It is an established firm in this department with a huge client base.
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For management and changes of all day to day operations in one place, you need software. It’s a must-have software for every business today. All the business processes are combined for their real-time management through this software. The software serves in all the domains- Manufacturing, Sales, Educational, Travel, Real Estate, etc.
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SSL Certificate
This is vital as a result of the knowledge you forward the net is passed from laptop to laptop to induce to the destination server. Any laptop in between you and also the server will see your MasterCard numbers, usernames, and passwords, Associate in different sensitive data if it's not encrypted with an SSL certificate.
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