Website Designing

Website Designing

Website Design is necessary for any organization. Your website does not charm to attract the client then your website is not worthy.

Now, the solution has found of Web Designing Company Delhi NCR. Initial of all. The first stage we have to understand why we all need website designing because through this we wish to upgrade business.

However what if the customer does not like the web site. For a long stay of the customer, therefore, you have got to pay a decent quantity on the online style than development.

Web designing is the process of making the frontend development of any website. Many techniques and tools are using for web designing. Some common frontend development languages are HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Jquery. The latest technology also works in web designing like AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS etc.

Top IT company Zeacreations Current best in the market. You can cross- check with every other source and can hear them praising our team. Company working for digital business helping them gather popularity.

The good work of the company has attracted our client’s trust in us and we are looking forward to working with you.

Web designing Company Delhi NCR
Some brief description of Web designing parts.
  • HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It makes the main structure of the website Nowadays latest trends of HTML is HTML5 it’s the latest version of HTML. In the HTML we make the main structure of websites In the initial days of 90’s website using HTML for development. Latest HTML 5 including some more upgraded features tags in HTML like Iframe Tag, Audio Tag, Video Tag, Canvas etc.

  • CSS

Team HTML makes the main structure of the website where CSS upgrading designing level of websites. With its help CSS, we make the website more attractive and responsive according to the display device. Another use of CSS is CSS makes a common sheet. With the help of CSS we make a change if single sheet and changes come through in all websites it’s possible the only CSS. CSS makes developer jobs more easy and fast.


JAVASCRIPT makes the action of web pages, It’s first scripting languages of web pages if we need and Popup or any types of events in a web page we can usage JAVASCRIPT.


JQUERY is a library of Javascript it makes JAVASCRIPT easier to use. It also used to make the Javascript events in all browser similar. Sometime Javascript events perform in various web browser differently. Jquery resolve this problem of developers.


Bootstrap is using to make the website responsive. It is the framework of Web Designing. Framework Bootstrap provides readymade CSS and JS code. It’s very helpful for developing the website frontend fast and Responsive.

There is some brief description of Web Designing Tools.

Text editor Notepad is preinstalled tool. We can use for Coding. Simple Notepad does not provide any suggestion while coding where Notepad++ tool is also using for coding. Notepad++ is provides suggestion while coding so it’s a better option.


Dreamweaver is the best tool for front end development. It provides suggestion and readymade codes in development. Website editor tool Dreamweaver is the products of Adobe company it is not free for use. Dreamweaver is also very helpful in all types of development like PHP, JS, CSS etc.

  • CMS

CMS is also using for web designing and it makes the static and dynamic website both in present days around 67% CMS website is running. CMS make the website faster, attractive, SEO friendly etc.

Some common CMS we are using like.




Joomla etc.

Website style suggests that designing, creation, and change of internet sites. web site style conjointly involves info design, web site structure, interface, navigation bioengineering, web site layout, colors, contrasts, fonts and mental imagery (photography) additionally as icons style.

Some Reason of why you should go on Zeacreations for Web Designing.
  • We make the website SEO Friendly designing.
  • The best thing about the company Zeacreations believes on time Delivery.
  • Our website is mobile friendly and 100% Google responsive friendly.
  • Team Zeacreations provides customer support also for changes in running projects.
  • The company makes original content of the website with original Photoshop graphics.
  • Developers of Zeacreations make faster response website because it’s very important to make Google friendly. Your website should open within 5 seconds.
  • We have available a big number of team members of web designing team we are dividing our team staff according to client website technology.
  • In the Zeacreations expertise of all types of languages like HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT etc.
  • Zeacreations stable company working in Delhi NCR more than One Decade.
  • Management team provides a free quotation of clients. Very important of team Zeacretions your work should be pocket-friendly.  

Web designing Company in Delhi NCR.

Web Designing Company Delhi NCR

Nowadays a website is important parts of the business in Delhi NCR is more important locations of targeting business in Website base.

So it’s very important for any company choosing the Website Designing and Dynamic Website Design Company in Delhi NCR. There are many companies of web designing is the company is running in Delhi and Gurgaon.

In NCR Zeacreations is one of the top web designing company in Delhi area. No one saying we are the best of the cheapest option but Zeacreations first preference is customer satisfaction.

Make the website according to customer satisfaction. Company Zeacreations always believe in a long relationship with the customer. Lots of Indian and Foreigner customer they are connecting with us for a long time.

Our Services

Web Design
We do give altered website design services to our clients in India and Abroad. We are into design and development of Static, Dynamic, Wordpress, Joomla and E-commerce websites.
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Web Development
Web based application development is one of our core competencies. We customize application development according to customer requirement.
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Corporate Branding
Corporate branding services incorporates Logo Design, Brochure Design, Business Card Design. It incorporates everything that you need to initially assemble your image in the market.
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Search Engine Optimization is one of the major aspects of any business, who is promoting their brand online. We offer altered services for SEO, Social Media Management, and Publishing.
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CMS & CRM Applications
CRM Application is a complete solution for your business. The customer relationship management system is developed to sustain customer records at a central place and very much required for every business.
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This is the time of E-Commerce. In this emerging Digital Market, customers are more comfortable with buying online and every business related to product selling requires an E-Commerce website.
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Mobile Apps
ZeaCreations is a team of highly experienced Android Development Delhi NCR who are good in building Android apps. We have been developing quality robust and scalable apps for our customers at very affordable prices. It is an established firm in this department with a huge client base.
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For management and changes of all day to day operations in one place, you need software. It’s a must-have software for every business today. All the business processes are combined for their real-time management through this software. The software serves in all the domains- Manufacturing, Sales, Educational, Travel, Real Estate, etc.
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SSL Certificate
This is vital as a result of the knowledge you forward the net is passed from laptop to laptop to induce to the destination server. Any laptop in between you and also the server will see your MasterCard numbers, usernames, and passwords, Associate in different sensitive data if it's not encrypted with an SSL certificate.
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