Travel Agency software

Travel Agency software

Zeacreation is the leading IT consulting company in Gurgaon that provides services like web design, development, branding, software and many more. We at Zeacreations develop different types of software. Travel Agency Software is one of the best software we develop, it provides online booking facilities such as Hotel booking, Bus booking, Air ticket booking, travel booking, etc. The software offers travel and destination holiday package.
This software is the one-stop destination for many agencies, it helps them to connect with the customers and manage all the agencies functions. The travel agency software is customizable i.e it can be customized according to the customers need. It offers a wide range of options such as online booking, accommodation, report creation, complaint report, customer support and many more.

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Zeacreations provides the best travel agency software services in Gurgaon. Travel agency software is the best software to grow your business as nowadays people often plan a tour to refresh their mind and to take a break from their hectic schedule. We develop user-friendly software which attracts the customer and make them stay to the software for a long period of time.
It provides different filters and sorting options so that customer can sort according to their need. It delivers automated emails for booking. The software works very fast, easy to understand, and is cost-effective. It attracts customers by includes images with documentation and description of the services. We develop software which includes all the details about the payment and refund policies.
Zeacreations understand their customer’s need and develop software according to them only. The software can promote different hotels, resorts, restaurants, and guest house. It has a reminder option also which reminds about the plan and send notifications. The software offers an option to translate the voice into text. It has a very big database which stores the data of travel source, travel destination, appointments, bookings, and many more important data. We help you to grow your business through the travel software.


  • It provides online booking of everything which is required for traveling i.e air, bus or train tickets, hotel booking, etc.
  • It allows you to create your own tour package with complete details and travel plan.
  • One can know the booking status of their tour through this software.
  • It offers an option to record details related to the supplier with their payment details and deadline.
  • Management can view the reports easily.
  • It provides all the features or solutions a customer needs for their tour or travel.
  • The software involves customer relationship manager who checks the choices of the customer and delivers services according to it.
  • It provides full security.
  • It is very easy to make payments through this software.
  • Travel Agency Software can record and manage the smallest details of a service such as flight number, pick up time, drop time, etc.
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