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Zeacreations is the top IT company in Gurgaon who offers a wide range of Software services in Gurgaon. We have several years of experience in software development. The software is a program who instructs a computer to do specific tasks. We at Zeacreations provide cost-effective software development services for our clients.
Softwares are divided into three categories i.e System software which includes operating systems, text editors, compilers, device drivers, etc. Programming Software which includes interpreters, debuggers, linkers, etc. Application Software which includes database system and gaming applications. Software development is the process of creating a program which can perform a specified task. It includes a number of steps like planing an idea, designing, implementation, testing, etc. We at Zeacreations provide our clients with the exact software solution that will meet their business requirements or needs. Nowadays every company or business needs a software program to perform a number of various tasks which can reduce the need or requirement of manpower and can ease out the work of an individual person. We at Zeacreations aims to fulfill our client’s requirement and deliver innovative and effective software development solutions and services to them.

Zeacreations provide different Software Development Services

Zeacreations is the best software development company in Gurgaon who provides software services like
  •  Hospital Software
  • Travel Agency Software
  • Educational Software
  • E-commerce Software
  • Real-Estate Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Manufacturing Software
  • Hospitality Management Software
software development Gurgaon
Software development company Gurgaon


Zeacreations is the best IT consultant company in Gurgaon. We design, develop and implement different types of software. Our aim is to provide solutions according to the client’s need or requirement. We have a team of software developers who are specialized in the development, testing and maintenance of software.
Here at Zeacreations, we provide services which include Speedily execution of the project, low development prices, code generation, and testing, system demand analysis specification and style, deployment and support. We always make sure that we develop software which will fulfill the need of our client and that too at affordable price. So, If you are looking for the best software company in Gurgaon then feel free to contact us!!


Our Hospital Software is flexible, provides benefit to the hospital, operative and very easy to use. Hospital Software offers a lot of benefits. It includes a wide range of management procedure and hospital administration. The software offers all the information about the hospital which will help the patients. The software helps in maintaining your checkup routine. It even provides a medical certificate with a fitness report.
It is like having the whole hospital at your fingertips. Here at Zeacreations, we develop software with features like hospital processes, medicine store, OPD, doctor appointments, testing appointments, and many more. We provide hospital software services according to the size of the hospital as per our client’s requirement.


Our travel agency software helps travel agencies to increase their profit and customer service. It is cost efficient, quick and very easy to understand and maintain. This software has a central reservation system and includes different features like booking a ticket, check availability, buy a service, can get instant auto-generated mail regarding the confirmation of tickets, etc.
You can add images, videos, maps to your traveling packages which will attract the customers. The software can manage payments, discount offers, promotions, etc. One can search and book everything from tickets to the hotel. We at Zeacreations develop the best travel agency software in Gurgaon which helps our client to maximize their business.


A software eases the work of a particular thing. educational software is a type of virtual education system platform which provides paperless education system. it simplifies the management tasks of the colleges, institutes, universities, schools, coachings, etc. The software handles every activity related to management. It reduces complexity and saves a lot of time.
Nowadays, the usage of mobile phones and the internet is increasing day by day so this software can reach to a lot of people which will increase the business. One can see the fee reminder, fees status, attendance report, students report, work report, and many more with the help of educational software. Zeacreations develop educational software with all the necessary features which are needed for the management of an institute.

Software Development service provider gurgaon


E-commerce software is a type of online store which is very easy to use that even a non-technical person can also use it. It manages all the tasks related to managing the store, adds or remove products, calculates prices and many more. It manages everything from the product from size, color, type to the product’s name.
The software helps in printing labels, calculate the taxes according to the customer’s location. The software automatically sends a notification email to the customers. We at Zeacreations provide different types of E-commerce software and the objective of this software is to put everything required to run an online store at one place.


Zeacreations develops real-estate software which motivates real estate organizations or company to focus on their business. The goal of this software is to increase productivity and benefits. Real estate software combines technology and business together. It saves a lot of time as compared to traditional modules.
It offers a lot of features such as promoting business online, analyzing the report, maintaining the report, etc. The software allows connecting with different people through digital marketing. It schedules all the tasks automatically. We develop simple yet efficient real estate software who fulfill all the requirements of construction companies, real estate agents, and builders.


Accounting software is a type of software that simplifies the whole accounting procedures in one place. Accounting software is very efficient in terms of effort, time and money. Software saves a lot of time as most of the work is done automatically and requires less manual effort. Nowadays, Almost all the software are hybrid in nature that means it allows you to work on desktop as well as on cloud.
It allows online as well as offline mode access. The software allows you to access your account from anywhere at any time irrespective of the location. We at Zeacreations develop accounting software which performs efficiently and keeps the data safe and secure.

Manufacturing Software allows you to manage business and finance easily. Manufacturing Software includes warehouse management, accounting management, order management, financial management, CRM, E-commerce and many more. The software provides synchronization of the manufacturing process for production houses.
It manages everything related to business such as the material, planning of production, stocks, dividing responsibilities and final product. Manufacturing software should be simple and should include innovative, creative and effective features. It allows you to track the details of the product from raw material till the completion of the product. Zeacreations build easy to use manufacturing software for companies at affordable rates.


Hospitality management software is often called as Hotel management software. This software involves managing hotels, food, room, resorts, and many more hospitality services. Hotel management software offers a management team or systems to track the guest starting from booking to checkout. This software offers booking features and allows you to pay online.
One can manage their overall booking procedure through this software. This software includes document verification and guest information, complaint management, front desk operation, etc. We at Zeacreations develop the best hospitality management software which will be suitable for your business and will help you to increase your growth.