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We provide the most effective PHP web development company in Gurgaon. With the assistance of our skilled & professional PHP Developers, it’s become possible for us to be part of satisfying an enormous base of clients.

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Zeacreations is one of the most preferred choices of people that need new sites, blogs, forums, e-commerce applications, business sites, etc. We start our PHP web development project by understanding the client’s requirement/need, then our team of expert designers and developers create the site which meets the need of the client. Our developers transform your ideas into attractive PHP websites and web applications. We at Zeacreations can provide you with the best PHP web development services in Gurgaon.

PHP web development services in Gurgaon
PHP web development comapny in Gurgaon

Why PHP Web Development is Best Choice

  • PHP can, control and supervise a heavy traffic.
  • It gives multiple languages support and add to provide fast and free maintenance of your online Website presence.
  • Thereby, it is flexible and anybody can control in nature.
  • PHP is very strong and pocket friendly.
  • Moreover, it is capable of managing several online websites activity easily.
  • The PHP service is platform friendly with some of the leading operating systems.
  • Supported OS is Windows, Mac book, Solaris, Unix, Linux etc friendly.
  • very easy for installation along with many fetures.
  • These features help to extend its other core functionalities, wherever necessary.
  • The PHP make allows easy access to navigation , maps, etc
  • Also prevents your website from unwaned attacks.
  • It has a large number of community of developers and regular updates are being made accordingly. It is a most usefull trusted platform and has been successfully functioning for since 90’s.

Why PHP Web Development is Best Choice

PHP is Server Side Scripting Language supporting almost all known OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. In those days, PHP frameworks are being commonly used by programmers to detect performance tuning issues better & faster and with ease. They offer extensible structure and features that make your source coding programming easier by providing standard templates and plugins. Efficiency can be a very good ratio increased using PHP Frameworks. You can choose from a platform of frameworks developing to complete your specific coding needs. Some frameworks most commonly used are Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii, Zend, Cake PHP, Smarty, etc.

Some Common PHP Frameworks

Laravel :

Introduced in 2011, Laravel has become the foremost common free, open-source PHP framework within the world and PHP web development services in Gurgaon. Why? as a result of it will handle advanced web applications securely, at a significantly quicker pace than alternative frameworks. Laravel simplifies the event method by easing common tasks like routing, sessions, caching, and authentication.

CodeIgniter :

Known for its little footprint (it’s only about two MB in size, as well as the documentation) CodeIgniter may be a PHP framework appropriate for developing dynamic websites. It offers various prebuilt modules that facilitate constructing sturdy and reusable parts.

Symfony :

It is been breathing for much longer than other frameworks on this list, it’s a reliable and mature platform. Symfony is an extensive PHP MVC framework and therefore the sole framework known to follow PHP and net standards to the tee.

php web development gurgaon

CakePHP :

If you’re searching for a toolkit that’s straightforward and chic, look no any. CakePHP can help you develop visually impressive, feature-loaded websites. additionally, CakePHP is one of the best frameworks to find out, especially thanks to its CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) framework. CakePHP hit the market within the early 2000s, and since then it’s gained higher performance and many new parts.

Yii :

The Yii framework — that stands for affirmative, it is! — is, in fact, simple and evolutionary. It’s a superior, component-based PHP framework for developing modern net applications. Yii is appropriate for every kind of net apps. For this reason, it’s a universal net programming framework.

Zend Framework :

The Zend framework may be a complete object-oriented framework, and therefore the proven fact that it uses options like interfaces and inheritance makes it long.

It absolutely works on the agile methodology, that helps you to deliver high-quality applications to enterprise purchasers. Zend is extremely customizable and abides by PHP best practices—a necessary purpose for developers WHO need to feature project-specific functionalities., if you’re a mobile app builder, prepare for a steep learning curve.

Phalcon :

A full-stack PHP framework that employs the MVC net design style pattern, Phalcon was originally written in C and C++ and free in 2012. Since it’s delivered as a C-extension, you don’t need to worry concerning learning the C programing language.

FuelPHP :

FuelPHP may be a flexible, full-stack PHP framework initial free in 2011. but supporting the MVC style pattern, it’s its own version known as the hierarchical model read controller (HMVC). With HMVC, not like with MVC, content doesn’t duplicate to point out on multiple pages. As a result, it consumes less time and memory.

PHPixie :

Introduced in 2012 and rather like FuelPHP, PHPixie implements the HMVC style pattern. Its goal was to form a superior framework for read-only websites.


Slim is another common PHP micro-framework that helps developers quickly produce straightforward however powerful Web applications and APIs.