Hospitality Management Software

Hospitality Management Software

Zeacreations is the best IT consultancy company in Gurgaon. We are the leading IT company who provides hospitality management software. Hospitality Management Software includes everything such as restaurants, catering services, hotels, food, beverage provider, etc. The software offers 24*7 service and also reduce the overall traveling cost.
This software consists of all the activities that are required to run a hotel or resort. It has different features such as Hotel maintenance, Account receivable and payable, HR, staffing, payroll, Housekeeping, Reservations, Conferences, etc. The aim of this software is to satisfies the guest with its services. Hospitality management software keeps the customer happy by providing a wide range of hotel deals. It offers a fast and efficient way to access the deals online.


Zeacreations designs the best hospitality management software. We provide services like designing, development, digital marketing, etc. We provide the most unique and innovative hospitality software across Gurgaon. The software provides a lot of different feature at a single platform. It handles every type of task related to the hotels. The software is user-friendly and can be understood easily.
The most important feature of hospitality management software is the property manager, channel manager, and booking engine. We at Zeacreations design software which involves these features and a lot more services. The software we design will make it easy for you to manage daily operations and guest services. The software is designed to provide services and smoothen the operation process of different peoples like Director, Reservation Manager, etc.

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  • Reservations are one of the most important features of the software as one can easily check the room availability and make their booking. It is easy to get general details of a particular hotel.
  • This software allows you to make payment online or through debit/credit cards. The payment will be updated automatically on the manager’s database as well as on your system.
  • It offers gifts coupon to specific customers which they can redeem whenever they want to. The software reads the value of the coupon and adjusts it accordingly.
  • This software can be used for management purpose also. All the detail of the employees is fed in the software which makes it easier for the manager to assign duties.
  • The identification card of the manager as well as the employee can be downloaded from the software for emergency purpose.
  • Hospitality Management Services offers a lot of services like accounts, invoices, reports, laundry management, housekeeping, message system, conferencing, database restore, reservation, and booking.