Zeacreations is the top IT company in Gurgaon. We provide the best hospital software. Hospital software manages all the operation done by a hospital. This software includes pharmacy, OPD management, Radiology, Laboratory, online appointment, ward management, doctor portal, patient portal, medical billing, and many more.
It has a customizable alert system that sends the mail and improves the quality of patient care. The electronic medical record will contain information about the patient’s health along with the medical reports. The software includes a payment option using which one can pay their bills. It is easy to book an appointment with the doctors using this software. It includes the timing of nurses and ward boys along with their ward numbers. This software is paperless and hence provide full data security. One of the best things about this software is that one can avail the service anytime and from anywhere.

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Zeacreations provides the best Hospital software across Gurgaon. We design software that manages all the operations such as the doctor’s appointment, payments, patient’s visit, medical history, etc. It gives digital experience to hospital administration and employees. This software allows you to store the data. We design well-organized hospital software with the latest technology.
We design hospital software which will fulfill all the requirement of the client. It makes everything so easy that a person can make an appointment from anywhere and at any time. Hospital software provides 24*7 services. We understand that software is needed to expand your business. Here at Zeacreations, we design cost-effective hospital software according to our client’s need.


  • It gives easy access to the patient’s data. It saves all the record related to the patient’s health and also it is user-friendly mobile based applications which contains patient portals. Patient’s can check the doctor’s schedule and book appointment online.
  • The software controls overall hospital administration. All the administration process such as managing appointments of the doctors, a record of patients prescription, treatment history, bills and transactions, managing pharmacy and many more can be done by the software. It provides error-free management. This saves a lot of time and effort.
  • It helps in archiving the administration data safely. The software includes electronic medical records which contain all the medical record of the patient. These records can be accessed with login details only. The backup data is stored in the cloud which can be accessed by an authorized user through mobile phones.
hospital and Health care Software in Gurgaon
  • This software is cost-effective as it saves a lot of money which is spent on storage and other things. It reduces the manual work performed in hospitals. Almost every work is done automatically so it requires less manpower to store, analyze and function the work.
  • The software tracks every detail of the patient. It tracks the complete journey of a patient from booking a doctor’s appointment to the pharmacy. It shows the complete list of doctor according to their schedule to book the appointment. In this way, it saves time and makes very easy to visit a doctor.