Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digitalization is overruling our generation and people can’t stop gushing about it now that everything is digitalized. So it is drowning you in a pool of worries about how to make your website stand out? Well, then you don’t need to have a series of frown on your face because our team of Search Marketing Experts is there to help you build a strong digital platform. Digital marketing Delhi NCR has emerged in a tremendous way.

 Digital marketing Delhi NCR proved that.

Not only that Search Marketing is currently the best to promote your work online and make it stand out among the thousands of other digital platforms. Our team has the capability to make your business successful because our team invests it’s heart and soul to keep you and your business at the top.

 According to the survey, 70% of traffic goes into the search engine as the search engine is the primary source dominating every other such source. If you are having the online business then you need to remember that SEO is extremely important for a website to draw all the traffic towards it. To establish your business strongly in the online world, we offer you the best search marketing strategies. We always provide our clients with the best service and you too would be given the same service. And please note that SEO strictly sticks itself to Google’s policies.

Digital Marketing Delhi NCR
Digital Marketing Delhi NCR

We are the current best in the market and you can cross- check with every other source and can hear them praising our team. It’s been years since we are working for digital business helping them garner popularity and our good work has enthralled our client’s trust in us and we are looking forward to working with you.

  • Low cost –Our Company always try to make digital marketing pocket-friendly. Our Digital marketing team has expertise in the latest Google trends. We give the result in short time. Reasons behind it we exact know about what digital marketing is and what strategies need to be complete the goal. Cost also big factors for clients. We always looking long time customer’s relationship. We take a very genuine price. Cost never becomes a issue with us.  
  • Send reports of Work Measurement – If clients paying money than they should worry about work progress. Zeacreations always believe transparency with clients. We regular sends work reports of clients. Some terms in Digital marketing is Depends on Money like PPC, Facebook boost campaign etc. We do not hide anything with clients. We provide works on the progress report. We send every work measurement reports to clients.   
  • Believe in Real-time results – Digital marketing is waste without result. We always believe real-time result for clients. Digital marketing E-commerce terms should be a focus on real-time sales and customer engagement. We focus on sales and service transfer to customers.  
  • Wide exposure – In traditional marketing terms, we can focus on a limited area like the limited number of cities and limited numbers of states. Because is poster and banner cost is very high. In digital marketing terms, we can easily focus on wide crowded are with the low cost we can easily measure how many customers are coming and how many customers are interested in our services. Digital marketing provides wide exposure to clients.
  • Customer involvement – Digital marketing should be a focus on customer engagement. Our teams focus on it. We make engagement of customer through social media and Re-marketing. It’s very important of today’s marketing trends. Sometimes customers just check products more than 4-6 sites and purchase later in this case Re-marketing becomes so important.

Digital Marketing in Delhi NCR

Our Motive

Delhi NCR is a very competitive area in the Digital Marketing field’s lots of company, lots of freelancers is available in Digital Marketing Delhi NCR so it’s very hard to choose best own. Zeacretions is one of the best choices of them. Team Zeacreations focusing on all parts of Digital marketing like SEO, SMO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC. We have done lots of big projects digital marketing like, etc. We give result oriented work. We have experienced Team in Digital marketing all Parts. We have specialized content writers, and Web designer who makes your website more beautiful and eyes caching.


  • Google Webmaster Tool

In this process of Digital marketing, we check the Clients engagements of clients in On web page. Google webmaster tool is very good for check Google page Indexing. Google webmaster tool check page errors and crawl errors of your websites it helps on SEO in Digital marketing.

  • Google Analytics Tool

Google analytics is also used for check visitors report but its having check all traffic from websites. No matters traffics coming from Google or traffic coming from another search engine Google Analytics tools expose all traffic reports in simple table forms and chart forms. While another Google tool Google Webmaster has some limitation it’s will show only Google traffics. Google Webmaster shows all search engine traffics. Sometimes clients asked and believe only Google Analytics report. Analytics reports show real-time engagement of clients.

  • On and Off Page Optimization

There are two terms of Search engine optimization On page and Off page, our team has expertise in both terms we can do On Page SEO and Off page SEO both.

In on Page SEO Optimization, we focus on page structure and page errors removing. We check the heading structure and link structure. We know content is always king in SEO we make fresh content text and images both. We make the responsive design. We full follow on all Google algorithms when a page on page optimization done then we start pages off page SEO.

In the second face of SEO Off-page optimization, we focus on backlinking and submissions. We submit websites in more than 1K search engines like Google, Yahoo, Sify etc. We submit your article, Blogs, links, PDF, Docs, Video etc in regular time. We make your social bookmarking, backlinking, commenting, etc.

  • Keyword Research and Selection

If we want business through our websites we should know about what are the best keywords for your business. Which keywords are most search and related to business. Keywords selection is very important we nothing hide with clients. We give popular keywords ranks instead of low search keyword ranks.

  • Monthly Analyzed Reports

We generate Monthly analyzed reports of the website. Reports in necessary for clients for measuring business keywords. If our business is not coming through old keywords we need to change. We should measure the number of searches of keywords. We should know about a number of searches and the number of sales and number of clients engagements. Then we start focusing on searchable and clickable keywords.

Our Services

Web Design
We do give altered website design services to our clients in India and Abroad. We are into design and development of Static, Dynamic, Wordpress, Joomla and E-commerce websites.
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Web Development
Web based application development is one of our core competencies. We customize application development according to customer requirement.
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Corporate Branding
Corporate branding services incorporates Logo Design, Brochure Design, Business Card Design. It incorporates everything that you need to initially assemble your image in the market.
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Search Engine Optimization is one of the major aspects of any business, who is promoting their brand online. We offer altered services for SEO, Social Media Management, and Publishing.
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CMS & CRM Applications
CRM Application is a complete solution for your business. The customer relationship management system is developed to sustain customer records at a central place and very much required for every business.
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This is the time of E-Commerce. In this emerging Digital Market, customers are more comfortable with buying online and every business related to product selling requires an E-Commerce website.
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Mobile Apps
ZeaCreations is a team of highly experienced Android Development Delhi NCR who are good in building Android apps. We have been developing quality robust and scalable apps for our customers at very affordable prices. It is an established firm in this department with a huge client base.
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For management and changes of all day to day operations in one place, you need software. It’s a must-have software for every business today. All the business processes are combined for their real-time management through this software. The software serves in all the domains- Manufacturing, Sales, Educational, Travel, Real Estate, etc.
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SSL Certificate
This is vital as a result of the knowledge you forward the net is passed from laptop to laptop to induce to the destination server. Any laptop in between you and also the server will see your MasterCard numbers, usernames, and passwords, Associate in different sensitive data if it's not encrypted with an SSL certificate.
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