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Zeacreations is the leading IT company that is CMS Service Provider in Gurgaon that provides the best CMS(Content Management System) services. CMS is a type of web development service that not only provides easy development of a website but also a good responsive website.
At Zeacreations, our developers can create custom CMS Systems that CMS Service Provider Company provides you with all the compulsory tools to allow flexibility in managing your website and its different components. We at Zeacreations understand the importance of our client’s/customers’ needs and make changes according to them which makes it easy to use. A content management system (CMS) is used to create and manage digital content.

CMS is a software application that is typically used for enterprise content management (ECM) and web content management (WCM). In other words, we can say that when someone refers to CMS, he/she is referring to a web application or webpage that provides capabilities for multiple users with different types of permission levels to manage a web page without the need to have HTML knowledge.
We at Zeacreations prefer to create websites with the CMS development method because it is beneficial for both the designers and the users. CMS gives you the ability to add and remove pages, links, menu items, text styles, paragraphs, and images from anywhere across the world. We at Zeacreations CMS Service Provider Company works closely with our customer/client to provide them with unique and amazing CMS solutions.

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  • It is easy to handle the workflow in a single piece of software that gives appropriate access to everyone for their responsibility and this reduces the complexity also.
  • Easy to understand and handle content tagging, videos, adding images, SEO, and more in the publishing interfaces.
  •  It has built-in SEO tools to automatically create URLs that will work both for search engines and readers.
  • Content Management system helps to add the meta descriptions, add alt tags for images, add page titles and avoid duplicate content.
  • It has features like indexing, format management, search, and retrieval.
  • It is easy to add social media sharing buttons for the websites on any page or content.
  • Content Management System provides tools for one-to-one marketing.
  • Security in Websites ensures the protection of data, and protects the customer and business from exploitation. So, on choosing different CMS for the website, the designers must keep the security factor in mind.
  • Create long and short teaser text for each individual page
  • Start/end dates can be set automatically to the post.
  • Develop customizable fields to make the content entry process smoother.


There are different types of Content Management Services available nowadays. Zeacreations helps their client or customer to customize their CMS as per their requirement or need. We at Zeacreations help our client to understand their requirement and then suggest the best CMS solutions.
Zeacreations work with the following CMS:

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A content management system controls a dynamic collection of web material, including images, HTML documents, videos, and other forms of media.

Low cost

Some content management systems are free, such as Drupal,eZ Publish, TYPO3, Joomla, and WordPress. Other CMSs may or may not be affordable based on the size of subscriptions.

Easy customization

A universal layout can be created and can make pages have a similar theme and design without using much code. Most CMS tools use a drag-and-drop system for their design modes. Due to this, it is easy to create custom front-ends for beginner users.

Easy to use

CMSs accommodate non-technical people. Simplicity in the design of the admin UI lets website content managers and other users update the content without having much training in coding or system maintenance.

Workflow management

CMS Service Provider Gurgaon provides the facility to control how, when, and who published the content. Some CMSs allow administrators to set up rules for workflow management, guiding content managers through a number of steps required for each of their tasks.

Good For SEO

CMS websites accommodate search engine optimization (SEO). The freshness of content helps, as some search engines prefer sites with new content. Social media plugins help to build a community around the content. Rewriting URLs can be implemented very easily. Some plugins specifically help with website Search engine optimization.


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