Business software

Business software

Zeacreations is a leading Business Software Company Gurgaon. We design different types of software and business software is one of them. This software is used for business purposes. It helps a business to achieve goals through the principles that this software supports. With the help of this software, one can manage their business, control present activities, plan future activities, and coordinate with different departments.
Business Software Company Gurgaon helps business owners to perform different functions related to the business. It is used to increase productivity, measure productivity and perform functions. The software helps in running a business systematically. Nowadays, it requires a lot of effort and time to run a business and the software we design will handle all these things easily and make your business grow. The main module of business software is employee management, tracking & reporting, solution management, e-mail management, account management, customer service & support.

Business Software Company Gurgaon


Zeacreations is very known for its digital marketing as well as software services in Gurgaon. Business software is used to improve productivity. We design the best business software which will maximize your business growth. Business Software integrates task management, business process management, project accounting, project management, etc.
We have a team of experts who design simple yet innovative business software. Here at Zeacreation, we always want to make our clients happy and satisfied with our work. The best quality of our team is that we deliver the projects on time. Our designers design and develop the software according to the need or requirements of the client. We help you to grow your business instantly by creating unique business software.


  • The main feature of business software is the application level and row-level security. The application level security includes a role-based menu system that displays different menus based on the role of a different user. Row-level security means multiple users can access the same applications.
  • It offers the user authentication process in which a user has to enter the username and password in one place only and can access multiple related applications. It improves user productivity.
  • The software offers user privilege parameters that are saved to the user profile and can be accessed through the software. These parameters provide personalized security and features to users.
  • The software provides flexible authentication options. There is no need to change the current authentication. Business software should offer flexible authentication options which help you to authenticate your software using old authentication sources.
  • The software offers a chat option. Nowadays, almost everything is becoming digital. So, it is very important to learn and implement new technologies in our software. Having a chat option will attract customers as they can know your business better by interacting with you.
Business Software Company Gurgaon