Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

For management and customization of all day to day operations at one place, you need ERP software. It’s a must have software for every business today.
All the business processes are integrated for their real time management through this software.
ERP serves in all the domains- Manufacturing, Sales, Educational, Travel, Real Estate, Music, Supply chain, etc. No matter how big or small the business is, we offer ERP for each and every company or enterprise.
For Small businesses, ERP could help you out in management of your inventories and account at one place. This is for those businesses that have just entered the market
For big or Enterprises, we offer an extensive ERP that has capabilities of handling every peculiar detail of your business.


  • Store/Inventory Management
    All the records of every good present in the market are managed in here. Every data related to that good, whether it is selling or buying, change in its quantity or value, is tracked through ERP.
  • Finance Management
    All the money related information is kept record of. All the pending payments or the payments that have been done, every record is maintained through this software.
  • Leads
    Every new lead’s information gets feed.

  • Invoice Generation
    Every transaction needs an invoice to be generated. ERP handles invoice generation too.
  • Quotation
    Quotations of the services implemented by the company needed to be generated.
  • Services
    Service Contract is managed along with service calls are initiated too.
  • Project Management
    Creating, Managing and Estimating, these features are taken into account.
  • Administration
    All the various core activities are setup done in here.
  • Task and Activity management at one spot
  • Smooth Interface
  • Better productivity and efficiency
  • Better Analysis
  • Improved work management
  • Improved management of products
  • Minimized Cost and Complexity
  • Increased Flexibility

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