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Zeacreations is a Gurgaon-based IT company that provides different services like website designing, development, and many more. It provides software services also. Zeacreations develop the best educational software across Gurgaon. it is a type of software that is used by students and teachers in order to support learning and teaching. This software increases the power of the computer.
It is mainly designed and developed for classrooms in schools where it can be projected on a large whiteboard. It helps in learning as it contains different graphic images which attract the students. This type of software makes education more efficient and effective. It provides quick learning solutions. One can learn different types of languages with the help of this educational software.
It can provide synonyms, antonyms, and definitions of any word. It is based on the latest technology and makes teaching as well as learning more effective. This software creates a virtual study platform for students. We design and develop customizable educational software that means you can change the themes, layout, and color, can insert external notes, links, etc.


Zeacreations design the best Educational software across Gurgaon. The Education system changed and improved a lot due to the latest technology. As the online trend is increasing day by day, the importance of paperless education is also increasing. This type of software is mainly used to manage educational organizations or institutes.
The software is user-friendly and it is very easy to use. It helps you to manage everything from exams to admissions. We design software that contains various features and panels which support management. It allows the student to create practice sheets that focus on the need of individual students. There are different types of educational software available and we at Zeacreations design all of them. Here at Zeacreations, we develop software that satisfies our client’s needs. We provide educational software services at very affordable rates.

Educational Software
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  • It provides a simple and easy interface. The screens are well-designed and it allows the students to move from one activity to another.
  • The software involves meaningful graphics. All the graphics used in software support education.
  • It contains limited information so that a student can process it without getting frustrated. A student can easily exit a specific activity or task.
  • This software allows the students to learn by themselves.
  • The software promotes learning by giving extra knowledge and live examples.
  • The software provides features like fee reminder, students report, the work report of teachers, etc.
  • It helps in building a connection between teacher and student. It helps the student to keep their interest in the subject or chapter.
  • The software develops curiosity and interest among the students.
  • The software maintains the record and helps in checking the academic performance of the students.