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Zeacreations is one of the leading IT company in Gurgaon who provides the best E-Commerce Website Designing in Gurgaon. Electronic commerce often called e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services using the internet and to execute these transactions transfer of money takes place. E-commerce includes the selling of physical products only.

Why E-commerce

Due to the usage of more and more internet nowadays the demand for e-commerce stores has been increased rapidly. Nowadays it is the most popular source of shopping. This has affected the traditional shopping like anything. We at Zeacreations design innovative and unique websites which will help you to grow your business in E-Commerce Website Designing in Gurgaon. Everybody nowadays is busy in their works that no one prefers to travel for shopping rather they end up doing online shopping which saves lots of time.

E-Commerce Website Designing Company in Gurgaon


  • LOW OPERATIONAL COST: Creating an E-commerce website is very easy and requires less amount of money as compared to others. There is a need for high visibility and location in physical businesses. E-commerce websites save money on operational processes such as payments, checkouts, delivery, etc.
  • CONVENIENCE: E-commerce websites are the most preferred ways of shopping because of its easiness and convenience. People enjoy shopping online because they can purchase any product from anywhere and at any time. It is very convenient for the customer or users to transfer money online and buying things sitting at their home.
  • REVIEWS AVAILABLE: E-commerce websites provide a positive recommendation to the customer which will help to build their trust over a product. However, the reviews or feedback will help the customer to be more visible about the particular product.
  • FLEXIBILITY: E-commerce websites are more flexible as compared to a regular store because it provides 24/7 services and that too from anywhere at any time. An e-commerce website is the only platform who provides services 24/7.
  • COMPARE PRODUCT AND PRICE: In E-commerce websites, it is very easy to compare a product with the help of the description. E-commerce allows you to understand the product clearly. One has to visit multiple stores to compare the product offline but E-commerce allows you to compare the product in a very simple way which will save the time of customers.
  • SAVES CUSTOMER TIME: E-commerce websites saves customer time as compared to regular stores. A customer has to visit the store for offline shopping which consumes a lot of time but in E-commerce websites, a customer can purchase anything without stepping out. It reduces the traveling time and provides a number of options to choose from.
  • RETARGET THE CUSTOMERS: E-commerce can retarget a customer in many ways such as by sharing the coupon, by sending emails about the sale, etc.
  • DETAILED INFORMATION: Every customer often wants to know detail about the product before purchasing it. The description helps the customer a lot as it contains all the detailed information related to the product.
  • ATTRACTS NEW CUSTOMER WITH SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY: E-commerce runs by the traffic that comes from search engine pages. A customer often follows the link present in the search engine page result and redirected to an E-commerce website.


There are four types of e-commerce models that take place between consumers and businesses:

  • Business to Consumer (B2C): When a business sells goods to a consumer is a B2C e-commerce model. For e.g., you buy a t-shirt from an online store.
  • Business to Business (B2B) : When a business sells goods or service to another business is business to business e-commerce model. For e.g. a business deal for software to another business.
  • Consumer to Consumer (C2C): When a consumer sells goods or services to another consumer is a consumer to consumer e-commerce model. For e.g., you sell your old cycle on quikr to another consumer.
  • Consumer to Business (C2B): When a consumer sells his/her own goods or services to a business is a consumer to business e-commerce model.
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Zeacreations design the best E-commerce websites across Gurgaon. We are well known for our E-commerce website designing services. Here at Zeacreations, we provide the services which can be easily accessible by anyone. E-commerce websites help your business to grow. We at Zeacreations make sure to provide you with the best e-commerce websites which will increase your business online.


Zeacreations provides exceptionally outstanding services to their customer/ client. We understand our customer needs therefore, we help, guide, and provide the best solution to them. The solutions we provide are visually appealing, user-friendly and high-performance solutions. We have a team of professionals having experience in E-commerce who develop the websites according to the client’s requirement and that too at an affordable rate.