Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click (PPC) is the answer to your problem. Just in a period of short time you can be on the top of every search engine like Google, Yahoo etc.
PPC means directly paying for the traffic. Your website can shine on the topmost positions through Pay Per Click. All the optimization and management services are offered by ZeaCreations. By focusing on Adwords quality score, Lead’s cost, net profitability, we offer truly optimized solutions.
PPC being one the best services offered by us leads to the best optimized results.

Our Pay-Per-Click works like-

  • Plan and Analyze: Planning and understanding your search campaigns.
  • Keyword Research: Targeting the appropriate keywords for your website.
  • Adcopy writing: Writing great and attractive Adcopy to divert the flow of traffic to your website.
  • Standalone Web page: Our experts create attractive and modifiable landing pages.
  • Analytics Optimization: By understanding the scope of environment we churn out the numbers through web analytics for further PPC optimization.
  • Monthly Reports: We provide reports time to time about what is going on in the PPC campaigns.